Yoga Is So Much More Than A Workout

Nurtured - The YOGA Community

A monthly membership for those who are ready to accept themselves fully, build a sacred Self-Care practice and prioritize their connection to internal peace, to each other, and to something bigger. 

Do you feel like you are missing something?

Missing a closeness? 

Missing a space that helps you find that inner quiet? A space where collective energy is intentionally shared.

Missing the spark of connection with folks who get you and what you bring to the world? 

Missing talking with like-minded souls who cherish similar interests as you?

Missing and craving to bond with others, with the spiritual, feeling safe yet seen, feeling like you can show up and share or vent or just be in the presence of others?

Missing out on deep talks and waxing poetic into the wee hours while sharing your favorite artists and basking in the warm glow of being seen for who you really are?

We live in a world where our lives are more on show than ever before, yet many of us feel less seen than ever. 

We are technically more ‘connected’ than ever before, but we are missing the joy of real, honest connection. 

You are not alone!

There is something so beautiful when you are part of a group. A group can provide cohesion, safety, a place to try out sharing different parts of yourself. 

But, most groups tend to end or fizzle out.

Life gets in the way.

Plans get canceled.

So if you, like me (and SO MANY others I know), are missing connecting in community but don’t feel drawn to a church then I want to invite you to Nurtured - The Community.

My vision is this is a community for those who:

💗Aspire to accept ourselves fully

🧘‍♀️Believe in the Divinity that lives within each of us no matter what we call it

🧘🏽‍♀️Know we need to prioritize our needs and that self-care isn’t just a monthly trip to the spa (though hey, can I join you next time?)

🧘🏿‍♀️Feel deep down that it’s time to create a real social network that feels nourishing and nurturing

🧘🏻‍♀️Desire to be inspired to take small steps daily to create routines, rituals, and habits that bolster you during times of chaos

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Hi, I’m Mary Langfield, and I’m delighted to invite you to join Nurtured - The Community.

I am a classical homeopath, holistic health coach, Ayurvedic consultant, and Yoga Teacher, and I’m seriously passionate about Yoga. But what I think of as Yoga might be totally different from what you think of as Yoga…

The word 'Yoga' is derived from the Sanskrit root 'Yuj, which means to 'to join, yoke' or 'unite'. For me, teaching and sharing Yoga is a gift of SACRED SELF-CARE, not a workout. It is about tending to the soul, which is why Yoga is at the core of Nurtured - The Community. 

In Nurtured - The Community, we focus on Yogic tools that help you reduce your attachments to suffering and help you access your unlimited possibilities.

Tantric Yoga (and not the $exy kind) is your entry into feeling more grounded, peaceful, satisfied, content because you shifted stuck energy… 
On being STRETCHED in body and mind.

We honor your body where it is in the moment and we prioritize an experience that is geared toward your connection to SELF. We nourish our bodies and most importantly your SOUL!

I have created Nurtured - The Community because I, like so many of my clients, miss having a space dedicated to connection. Many of us belonged to a church growing up - or liked the idea of aspects of it - and still long for the beauty of a space dedicated to sacred commitment with others on a similar journey.

Do you remember when you’d see the same people day in and day out at school and you’d get used to their smiles, their laughter, the funny idiosyncrasies? Maybe you remember being part of a group in college where you all spent loads of time together sharing ideas, dreams, fears, your joy? 


Why Join this Community NOW?

Together we are co-creating a space where we are safe to show up as our full self, where we are gentle with ourselves and others.  

You need this now more than ever. The longer you wait to find a community the heavier the anxiety, fear, isolation, and disconnection will feel.

This is not just about you! Your family needs you to fill your cup so that you can show up as the partner, mother, daughter, friend, boss, etc. that you desire to be.

When we are connected to community, there is a connection to the greater good. And in tending to our needs we have so much more to offer to the world. We can share more of ourselves, our gifts, our talents, and in doing so we lift others up.

As you prioritize your Soul-Care you will shine brighter, get better rest because you have more trust in the mystical workings of this world despite the chaos and uncertainty. 

When you commit to GROWS! Deciding to follow through and take action is needed in anything we desire. Come and draw upon strength in numbers. When we, as a community, are committed to the same intention...we all benefit, even when we are struggling.

Come and build this beautiful community with me!

So if you are searching. If you are halfway found. If you are simply in need of some quiet time and space to listen to your own inner knowing… I hope you’ll join me.

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What's included in this Community Experience:

✨ 1x Mindful Monday practice session so that you can kick off the month with vibrant energy, take time to focus on your physical vessel, and nourish those parts of the body that need tending.

✨ 1x Wednesday Wind-Down practice session that will leave you feeling more rested, rejuvenated, and ready for that deeper meditation and contemplation that you are craving. These sessions are great for calming your nervous system, reducing anxiety/overwhelm, and helping you get more restful sleep.

1x Sunday Self-Care Circle a sacred time to gather as a group. This circle will anchor us all as a time to recommit to our Soul-Care, our spiritual journey, help us build momentum, tap into the collective energy, and seek any insight and support.

Access to a library of videos and resourcesThis allows you to deepen your understanding and connection of the various tools we will draw upon 

Weekly thought prompts that support your journey of self-awareness and self-trust, help you access/harness your inner-knowing. Keep you from overthinking about how to connect to the Divine. Allow you to respond to these reflective/introspective/contemplative prompts instead of having to decide what you could or should be thinking about which might lead to skipping the journaling or reflection time you are craving. Plus, if you desire to discuss in community that is what we are here for.

✨ A community focused on sacred self-care who wish to gain accountability, support, and friendship around Yoga, meditation, energetics, and so much more

$55 per month

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What this community is for:

✔️A space to reconnect to yourSELF and others

✔️Mindful movement focused on honoring the vessel

✔️A place to STOP always taking OTHER people's opinions or thoughts and instead to turn to the divine within yourself, to learn to TRUST yourself and your awesomeness.

✔️A Community that we get to co-create and build together; a place to share, be witnessed, to contemplate, to create whatever level you desire

✔️There is no religious agenda, your connection to Spirit, Universe, God, Allah, your own. The goal is for you to use these tools and to make time to deepen, strengthen, and enhance your connection to SELF and to that Divinity.

What this community is not:

❌Yoga as fitness or simply exercise

❌A place for anyone who doesn’t want to be opened up to new ways of being, communicating, and co-creating

❌A place for those who want to keep doing it all alone, and stay stuck, rigid, or unwilling to evolve and change

❌A place where you have to dedicate hours a day and do “it” right

What the community has to say:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This is for people who feel like they are doing all the right things to de-stress, but still feel tense and tight. People who want to commit to a more intentional way of living and are looking for direction, community and accountability on their journey.

This is for people who don’t feel like they have a place to practice their own Spiritual beliefs, or who aren’t exactly sure what their Spiritual beliefs are but want to explore that within themselves. It’s for people who have taken Yoga classes before, but want something more, something deeper.

This is for people ready to be Nurtured.

Do I have to actively engage with the community to join?

No! You get to participate at whatever level feels right and honors you where you are right now. If at some point you want to participate more that will always be available.

How do you envision this community growing?

At this time I plan to sprinkle in special events over the year to assist you in cultivating sacred self-care.

However, I can imagine that this could be a place where people might want to create mini-groups within the community to discuss books, explore the moon phases, talk about milestones, celebrate accomplishments, have a happy hour, or a dance party, BUT…that may not be how this community decides to grow. It could be something else entirely and I am here for it, however, it unfolds.

How long does the membership last?

My goal is for this to become a long-term sustained community that will grow depending on the community’s needs and wants.

I’d recommend giving the membership a try and seeing if it is right for you. Remember that you can participate in whatever way feels most beneficial for you. So I’d say give it a try for 3 months and then decide if you’d like to continue.

Do I have to attend the sessions live?

Not at all. The sessions are recorded so you can participate on your schedule. But, you could explore meeting up with a buddy in the community to do a session together at a time that works for you both. Sometimes, knowing you are showing up for someone else can make it easier to show up for yourself.

When are the sessions?

1st Monday of the Month will always be Mindful Mid-Day at 11:30 am central time

2nd Wednesday of the Month will always be Wind-down Wednesday at 7:30 pm central time

3rd Sunday of the Month will be Sunday Self-Care Circle 9 am central (90 - 120 mins)

Do I have to be a Yogi?

No, not at all. However, we will be incorporating gentle movement in and so I will be offering modifications and adjustments that fit your current needs. The most important piece is learning how to be kind to your body as not all poses will be your favorite, don't judge yourself. The point of doing the postures (asanas) is to help you reconnect you to your body and drop out of your busy thinking mind for meditation.

Do I need to be religious?

No. Yoga is a gentle way for you to connect to something that isn’t just you. Maybe you resonate with the Earth, maybe you resonate with the idea of peace and contentment. Yoga helps us turn down the external noise that clouds our thinking and keeps us in perpetual motion. 

Got another question?

Please reach out directly to Mary so she can answer it! Email: mary {at} marylangfield {dot} com

So if you are looking for internal growth, relaxation, positive support, an amazing experience or to try something different in a very safe and nonjudgemental environment, Nurtured - The Community might be exactly what you have been looking for. Join us!

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